Being 8 months in the US

29 april 2018 - Ithaca, New York, Verenigde Staten

After 8 months being in the us is it time to write a blog in English, well is it gonna work? I don’t know. And don’t judge me when I’m writing wrong, because writing is much complicated then speaking. 

I’ve only 14 weeks left, this year went over really fast I can’t believe it. 14 weeks means 92 days left. I can remember that I was counting down till my parents were coming and that was also only 100 days. And now I’m less than that away from my flight back home. 

Unfortunately, we already have to say goodbye too Melanie, her year is over, and the other girls are gonna leave in the begin of July and mid-July. Only Malin and I will stay till the end of July. Without those girls was my year not the same. I really appreciate their kindness, sweetness and over all the laughing. 

I think you will know what we usually do, well we got the movie pass and when you want to know where I am. Then just go to the cinema and you will find me! And when I’m not there then I’m probably shopping. And guess what I’m buying??? No, you guessed wrong no shoes this time… ok you guessed right. :P I’m probably coming home with 2 suitcases and a new wardrobe.  

Upcoming Saturday we have a boat cruise organized by cultural care. We will go there with the girls. This will be our last party all together. I’m excited to be there. It will be a huge girls party and when there are boys… well every girl is in to him I think… I will keep it by Dutch boys don’t worry I didn’t meet an American boy yet (maybe it’s gonna happen in my last 3 months, you never know) 

Did I do something excited since my last blog, I really don’t know actually. I didn’t travel ohh yes I’ve something excited I got positive advice for the PABO. Only the other part of going to the PABO will be passing the history test. But I’m studying so I hope I will pass the test! Otherwise I really don’t know what I’m gonna do. 

This is gonna be a really short blog compare with my other blogs, I don’t know anymore where I can right about. My weekends look like going to a movie go shopping and go out for dinner. My life is not that special over here :P 

What I can tell finally is that spring is getting here. After 5 months of snow…. I’m so tired of the snow. And I can tell you when I see more snow over here I’m gonna eat all my shoes. And you don’t want me to do that. Well it will be easier to go home without the shoes :P 

Last thing what I’m gonna say is that I’m still happy over here and it’s double that I’ve to leave in 3 months. 

See you at my next blog!

Kisses Nikki

(some new pictures in album 8 months) 


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  1. Johanny Ottens:
    30 april 2018
    Hai Nikki,
    Time flies!!!!) Nog maar 3 maanden en dan ben je weer terug in NL.... geniet nu nog van alle leuke dingen die Amerika te bieden heeft!!!! Warme groeten van Johanny uit Curacao.
  2. Anneke:
    30 april 2018
    Hi Nikki, nice blog ! I'm happy for you that you are okay ! I'm wishing you a nice spring ! I'm writing this with heavy rain and thunder outside , so Holland is still wet ! 😉 enjoy your time over there ! August is not far away!
  3. Mam:
    30 april 2018
    Hello sweetie. You look great and the writing wasn't all that bad. You did good.
    Only a bit more than 3 months. I (we) can't wait to pick you up at the airport. Our girl. Our amazing, adventures, all grown up now😉 girl. You almost did it. And the last months will go as fast as the 9 months before. Enjoy this period, eventhough it means that you have to say goodbye to a bunch of amazing girls and the world's most precious kids and host parents. Another bright future lies ahead of you and I'm sure that you will nail that test.
    There's nothing you can't do if you put your mind to it. You go girl xxx
    *** love you as much as the distance (that's still) between us *** 😙
  4. Wennie:
    30 april 2018
    Hey Nikki, your englisch is way better then before you left. The countdown has begon!! I am looking forward to see you again and to give you the biggest hug ever.
    Don't worry about that history will do just fine. I will send the sun your way, enough with that snow. Proud of you and ❤u no matter where you are💋💋💋
  5. Peter huvenaars:
    30 april 2018
    Hoi Nikki,

    Congratulations with your american blog,
    I'm proud to be your Peetoom (whats the american word?)
    See jou soon in august and keep the faith for the study
    Its gone be alright
    I beleive in you
    Blessings form Uncle Peter
  6. Greet:
    1 mei 2018
    A very nice story again. Don`t worry about that test,you can`t do it. I`m proud of you. Until the next blog. Kiss from Greet.

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